Saisho is the result of a group project in Social Studies. We were supposed to create a sustainable civilization that had all 8 of the elements of a civilization: 
1. Advanced sities:  Saisho is a center for trade. 
2. Organized Central Government: Saisho operates on a complete Democracy. 
3. Complex Religion: Saisho has a polythesitic religion that worhips three gods- Un, Kawa, and Seicho. 
4. Social Classes: Saisho is broken up into three social classes based on wealth, but this does not affect you power in politics as it is a complete Democracy. 
5. Record Keeping/Writing: The people of Saisho were lead by the city council, who kept records of who was in the society to help with voting. 
6. Art/Architecture: The people of Saisho did many forms of art in their spare time, including pottery, ink wash painting, and calligraphy. Architects and carpenters worked together to build houses, aqueducts, and sewage systems, as well as other things. 
7. Job Specification: In Saisho, there are many jobs, including farmers, fishers, merchants, carpenters, and the city council. No matter what you did, though, you wre still respected becausse the people of sSaisho realized that all jobs play a role in their thriving society. 
8. Public Works: We have aqueducts and a complex sewage system because Saisho values cleanliness. 

    Will you vote for us?